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3Sixty Breakaway Vest

Product Details:


360 LED High visibility 4 Point Breakaway Style Safety Vest -Various Sizes available. Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.


This vest has 4 different LED settings. Simple to use! This vest is rechargeable. Last for several hours. This vest is very comfortable and the battery pack is small and tucked away inside a pocket in the vest. Very easy to use and improves overall safety!


Breakaway Points are top of shoulders, front, and one the side.


Vests can also be personalized with printing. It will take an additional 3 days to ship order and additional cost for personalization is 10.00. 


LED Breakaway Vest Features:

  • Flashing LEDs - Visible in transitional lighting environments—using a safety vest and shine brightly in the dark.
  • Rechargeable Battery - You can keep yourself visible for longer because it has a long lasting rechargeable battery. So go brighter, go safer and go beyond!
  • USB Cable - It has a cable that allows you to recharge the battery in your strip.
  • Detachable Power Source - Being datchable, you can do it anytime and anywhere. Just recharge it by plugging in and then remove it, this way will work like a mobile device and the charger.
  • Dual Light Modes – Solid and Flashing: Select the safety light mode needed at the time—solid or flashing—to increase your visibility in dim, dark, or chaotic environments.
  • Torn A Part - It can be safely torn a part in an emergency and the LEDs will continue to work.

3Sixty Breakaway Vest

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  • LED Safety Vest

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